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Visionary Women's  Centre   

Turbo, Kenya, East Africa
Founder: Lizette Gilday

                                 Supporting Kenyan women & girls to survive and thrive                                                                              in their families and communities

Lizette  Gilday, the founder of the Visionary Women's Centre is presently the primary funder of the centre. There are a growing group of donors and our goal is to increase our donor base as time goes on. The approximate annual budget is $7000 a year. The goals of this project and thus the budget are modest in nature. We intend to remain small but effective and hope to increase our reach by working closely with other community groups. So we are looking for a dedicated group of funders who can provide steady support for this worthwhile project. Consistent, albeit small, contributions will help make our centre prosper. Lizette Gilday will cover her own personal expenses including air fare and accommodation, so all of donations will go directly into running the centre. Lizette will also  pay the shortfall in funds which may be needed after counting the kind contributions from donors. We are in the process of creating Gift Certificates which people can give as presents in lieu of “more stuff”.
                                                                                         BASIC ANNUAL EXPENSES                                                                                           
The annual expenses needed to run our centre  begin with a  part time salary for the Social Worker/Manager, Benter Obonya. She will  be providing information and referral as well as counselling services and  life skills workshops both in our office as well as in the community. She is an excellent administrator and has extensive connections within the community. The other expenses include rent, electricity, telephone, internet, travel in the district as well as the Emergency Fund and the Small Business Loan Project